Friday, May 02, 2008

Malaysia Exported US$1m Coconut Tree

Malaysia's name came into the picture when it was mentioned that a weird coconut tree that had three heads on a single trunk was actually exported by Malaysia.

Where is this weird tree now? It has been exported to Ivory Coast, Africa and the current owner of the coconut tree (or coconut palm as known in Ivory Coast) has intended to sell the tree for US$1 million.

The owner is of the coconut tree is the Marc Delorme coconut research station in Ivory Coast. The reason that they are selling the tree is to raise fund for their further research. But before selling that tree, the scientists have taken some sample from the tree and hope to multiply it (hopefully to breed more 3 headed coconut trees and more $$$$$$$$). Unfortunately, it could take another 20 years for the results to be known.

The Malaysian owner must be very heart sick knowing the price that it could fetch. But there are millions more of coconut trees in Malaysia and I'm sure some of those trees could be like this too. QUICK!, coconut tree owners in Malaysia, check your plantation now and tell me ...........

I'll post it up here to let the world know so that you could sell it to the highest bidder (we will talk about the commission later ..............).

Reading: Rare coconut tree on sale for $1m - BBC News/Africa
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