Friday, May 16, 2008

Show I/C To Pump Subsidised Petrol

Malaysia may just implement this step of showing your Identity Card (I/C) in order to obtain benefit for local Malaysians only when pumping petrol in view of the drastic price increase for the crude oil. The price for petrol will be sold at market rate and Malaysians who showed their I/C will be paying at the subsidised price.

Malaysians who have forgotten to bring their I/C when pumping petrol at petrol stations will be required to pay for petrol at market rate.

The subsidised and market rates have not been announced and neither is this idea which has been floated.

I really wonder how is the petrol pump going to identify who is a local Malaysian and who is a foreigner. Maybe an attendance(s) will be running around all pumps to key in certain codes prior to us swiping our credit card. Or all payments must be made at the cashier's counter instead but what about midnight when the cashier's counter is closed.

Now, the government is assuming that all foreigners are rich fellas and they could afford the market price petrol. The Indonesians that owned motorcycles will be crying when they see the new price for their petrol. Hmmmmmmm maybe they could circumvent the ruling by bringing along a Malaysian friend each time they pump petrol. The Malaysian friend will need to show their I/C in order to get the subsidised petrol price. That will work but it defeats the purpose then.

To implement it strictly, the Malaysian that shows the I/C must be the main rider or the driver of the motor vehicle. Well, the foreigners could still change quickly to avoid being detected by the pump attendants or maybe those foreigners are willing to pay some tokens to the pump attendants to keep their mouth shut ............. hehehehehe. Trust me, human beings will do all kinds of nonsense just to achieve their selfish ambitions. Right?

I think all petrol stations in Malaysia will need a tactful attendance on 24 hours stand-by when inconsiderate customers turn up to pump petrol. Definitely some may claim that they are real Malaysians, just that they have left their I/C back home or in hotel or somewhere and they are forced to pump petrol now otherwise can't reach their home / hotel. Too bad - just pay at the market rate then, no need to argue.

No I/C no petrol at subsidised price!

Reading: Foreigners may pay more for petrol in Malaysia - The Brunei Times
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Anonymous usws said...

Wow, more work to do just to save money. Haha, but it's good.. can't tahan certain outsiders who like to curi our petrol. XD

Anyhow, better not make a scene even if you honestly forgot your IC... can kena arrested one oh. Must bawa IC everywhere.


16 May, 2008 16:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

outsiders - means singaporeans / thais and highly paid expats too

18 May, 2008 00:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

18 May, 2008 00:15  
Anonymous darkestangel said... from singapore. i just saw your blog form nuffnang...i was quite shock to hear that malaysians need to produce their IC to buy petrol at local price.

20 May, 2008 17:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

angel - soon if the govt approves the move

21 May, 2008 23:00  

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