Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planes You Have Never Seen Before

There are many plane designs lately and most of it may not have been commercially viable but test flights were conducted too.

Besides bird watchers, there are also plane watchers and that's the reason why you could catch a glimpse on photos taken by such enthusiastic plane watches who sat at airports upon hearing rumours of weird airplanes that would go on test flights.

I wonder who was the airplane manufacturer that did it for Emirates but they sure do have big ambitions.
The plane's landing on one wheel will trigger the release of the rest of the wheels in few seconds later. What a trial?

This Swissair must be a hot plane that requires lots of fresh air intake into its system.
This KLM Royal Dutch Airlines believes that two pilots' heads are better than one.
A cargo plane called Dreamliner created by Boeing.
A Hawaiian Airlines' commercial passenger jet with numerous turbo boost (10 engines?) to reach your destination at half the time. Could it stop in time upon landing then?
One of those idea for a private jets. So weird! The whole body is out of proportion.

Airbus A380 will lose their status as the biggest passenger airplane when this Delta Airlines' plane goes commercial. This is humonguous.

What a big belly for a cargo airplane. Looks like it didn't manage to go commercial with that weird design or did it actually take-off.
Another one of those powered jets. 8 engines?
What kind of spaceship inspired designs is this? And the airline company was willing to accept such design and to even give it a test?
It was tested but it didn't make it commercially. Maybe too wide for many airports in the world.



Anonymous Dora said...

Wow...really an eye-opener to see many strange looking air planes. But are they real and exist?...

21 May, 2008 14:36  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

these are the planes that didn't make it commercially hahaha

21 May, 2008 22:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that swiss plane is fake, one: how is the crew gonna see enough to navagate. and two: why is the thrust heat coming from the "cabin" instead of from the "engine"

01 January, 2010 09:18  
Anonymous doodler said...

These aren't real planes?
Nice photoshopping - very funny.

09 November, 2010 08:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All are faked photoshoped models and none of them follow any aerodynamic principles :P
See or search for Airbus A300-600ST (Super Transporter)Beluga, Ekranoplan,Boeing CH-47 Chinook and likewise for some amazing designs :)

23 May, 2011 17:11  

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