Friday, May 30, 2008

Love N' Praise Concert in PCC

A concert is being organised by a group of Nigerian brothers and sisters in my church. It will be held tomorrow at 6pm with my church, Praise City Church, hosting it. It's the Love N' Praise Concert!

The Nigerian brothers and sisters are part of the AID - Actualising Individual Destinies from UCSI. They did mention that we will 'baptised' with an experience so powerful that their music will move us out of our seats to dance to the beat of their rhythm, sights and sound that is like no other.

They even managed to get Geoffrey Woo, Juwita Suwito and the Praise Dancers (from my own church) to perform tomorrow. You get to hear Juwita's voice for free. She's being sought at restaurants or clubs and you need to pay to hear her voice.

Few other churches will be sending their choir over to render their best songs. Not forgetting the musicians and singers from Nigeria ....... ever heard of their music? No? You got to listen to it then.

Guess what, I'm also one of the emcees ...... it seems that I have been talking too much and I was roped in.

To find your way there, you can refer to the church map or call the church office. See you there!
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