Monday, May 12, 2008

Man United - 17th EPL Championships

Manchester United confirmed their tag as the favourite to win the 2007/2008 English Premier League championship by toppling Wigan away with goals coming from the boy wonder, Cristiano Ronaldo and the veteran, Ryan Giggs.

With this win, Man United has claimed their 17th English championship.

Man United opened their account to reclaim their championship via a penalty shot by Cristiano Ronaldo. It did send Chris Kirkland the wrong direction.

On the 80th minute, Ryan Giggs who came on as a substitute for Park Ji-Sung, was fed with a through ball by Wayne Rooney right inside the penalty box. With his cool composure, he slotted in the goal that confirmed the championship.

All the hype from Chelsea that they would overtake Man United on the last day of the season came to naught when they were held to a 1-1 draw at home. Their misery was compounded when their captain, John Terry, was stretchered off. Let's hope that he doesn't come back for the UEFA Champions League final on 21 May to be held in Moscow. Wahhhhhhhhh, how come you have such thinking on another human being .................... for now, I'm a Man United supporter. Couldn't care less about his health ............. hehehe

Just one more win will cap a remarkable season for Man United. I could still recall the last 3 minutes of the 1999 UEFA Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

Football fans from other clubs kept their distance from me to avoid further berating from me ..... hahaha. Personal experience - I can find many anti-Man United people on this face of the earth. You seldom hear of anti-Liverpool, anti-Chelsea or anti-Arsenal people but you can bump into many anti-Man United anywhere. Due to jealousy on Man United's success?

I think the sales for today's Star newspapers would be quite bad as the headlines on the front and back pages highlighted Man United's success with big pictures. Anti-Man United people would definitely curse such publicity for such a club. That's my club for the last 26 years.
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Blogger acura said...

Haha i had the exact same thoughts about Terry's injury as well. Now that I know you are thinking about the same thing, makes me feel less guilty.

All others are just jealous. I don't remember Chelsea having many fans before Roman's takeover. I think many of them become fans due to silverware only. Sad....


12 May, 2008 23:07  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

so i'm the more guilty one?????

true for chelsea's supporters and the same goes to arsenal when it started winning. i have known a number of frens that could easily change clubs (whoever is successful)

13 May, 2008 00:33  
Anonymous anthony said...

Dude, it's only the 10th EPL title... not 17th!

17th is league win.

15 May, 2008 12:11  

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