Saturday, May 03, 2008

Home Decorations & Renovation

On 1 May, it was a public holiday owing to the Labour Day. Heard that there was a small congregation of people protesting elsewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Forgotten the reason for their gathering. A protest?

But I drove out towards the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for the HomeDec '08 exhibition around 9.45am. This is the exhibition where people would gather products / materials / services info so that they could renovate / re-model in time to come. One of the biggest exhibition of such.

Since I was early, I parked near the escalator entrance. Just look at the empty parking lots behind my car.

Looked for the sign heading to the entrance for the HomeDec '08.

I went into the exhibition around 10.10am and the crowd around 12 noon was shown at the left picture. Had lunch in their small cafeteria located within the exhibition hall. HomeDec '08 occupied all five exhibitions halls. Just imagine how big was the exhibition.

Was looking for an interior designer to draft something for my new house. Just by showing my floor plans, they could quote me their price. Never dealt with one before so I was not too sure how to negotiate or start to deal with them.

One asked for RM5,000 upfront before they start on any space planning or those 3D drawings.

Another said pay up RM1,000 and they would do the space planning and the 3D drawings. After reviewing their work and if I intend to appoint them, I need to pay the remaining RM9,000. Otherwise I could take the space planning and two 3D drawings of any spaces they have created and say bye-bye to them.

The worst response came from one of those interior designing firms in HomeDec '08. This lady took a look at my new house's floor plans and asked what was my budget. Told her the amount and she said that it was hard to plan for my house with my budget. Asked her what would be the recommended amount in order for her to do a good interior design for my new house and guess what - she said RM200,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And her fees would be 7% of the total amount done for my house.

Byeeeeeeeeeeee ....... did tell her that her company was charging very high.

Is this the way how the interior designers would operate right from the beginning? They don't even ask how you intend to decorate your place but quote the fees upfront to you. Really lost.

Guessed that I would be liaising with at least ten other interior designers that have been recommended by close friends. Hopefully, by virtue of my friendship with my close friend(s), these interior designers won't charge as high.

Left the exhibition around 6.15pm. Yeah, the whole day was stucked within the big four exhibition walls.

At the exit area, I could view the towering Petronas Twin Towers at the background with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in front and Maxis Tower on the right hand side of the picture.

The evening crowd witnessing the co-ordinated fountain display at the lake just right in front of the Petronas Twin Towers.
Long day in the exhibition so time for some good meals with family members. Settled at The Apartment restaurant at the Suria KLCC, which was facing the lake. This restaurant serves fusion food.

Got this Piquant Cream Grilled Chicken that comes with mashed potatoes. Fantastic taste and wonder what was the ingredient for that cream. Should be fattening.

This is the Seared Salmon Fillet with roasted tomatoes as its topping.
This is the Baked Dory Fish, with cheese topping ..... couldn't resist the temptation of getting a piece.
Chicken with Peach & Walnut, kind of sweet taste in between the chicken meat.

With drinks, our bills came to RM193 for the night. Quite filling too.

On the way back to our car, noticed this boat model put up in Suria KLCC's centre court where Shiseido was promoting their cosmetic products. What has the boat got to do with cosmetic products?

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Anonymous Dora said...

I went KLCC today. Re the ID, the stupid woman quote for so high in such bad economy?...And I'm really plan to try the food @The Apartment and saw d pix here seem quite nice. Yeah the Shiseido yatch is nice huh?!...

04 May, 2008 01:14  
Blogger mylou said...

such a nice day experience good thing u went out from the expo... hehe. love the foods pictures looks so yummy

04 May, 2008 21:02  
Blogger Akira said...

Wah...that's your car? leh bro. Didn't expect you go for such cars.

Oh...I knew you skipped the outing for KLCC only to find it's all about your new home renovation here.

Ahah..."Byeee" is exactly the phrase my family use after some unreasonably expensive yet untasty meal outside.

Drool..drool.. the chicken..the fishes..they all look so tasty.

05 May, 2008 11:51  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Seriously... I may come to Malaysia just to try the food! It looks very good - and I can't believe how inexpensive it is (compared to USA).


05 May, 2008 12:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dora - the food at the apartment is priced quite reasonably, around the range of rm20++ to rm30++

mylou - the food was good, u wld love it

akira - wait till u see my real car. reason for skippin the trip was due to this exhibition where i can't go on any other days

convivialdingo - u cld find better food being served at a much cheaper price. and if u crave for top class food, it would still be affordable when u convert yr currency

06 May, 2008 01:02  

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