Monday, May 05, 2008

Most Expensive Burger in Malaysia

I have tasted and enjoyed burgers (hamburgers) from all the fast food joints and the individual stalls selling the infamous Ramly burger found in Malaysia since two decades back. Till today, most burgers' taste could not be differentiated except for the pricing.

A local restaurant located in Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur, The Daily Grind, went one step further in creating a burger for the rich and famous Malaysians or expats.

Heard of foie gras? The goose liver thingy. Yes, it has made its way in between two slices of buns. And it's called the Foie Gras Burger. Price? Selling at RM55.

Seriously, I still prefer the burgers from McDonalds.

Reading: Holy Meatimony, the most expensive burger in Kuala Lumpur City - Malaysian Insider
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Blogger Akira said...

Ohh..I've heard of thie Foie Gras but didn't bother to check out what this French term actually means. Thanks, now I know. It's liver therefore high in iron for build-up of red haemoglobin in the body.

Btw, what's that red thingie there? Cuttlefish?

05 May, 2008 12:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ok,pay up for the english lesson. as for the red thingie, u wouldn't want to know.

06 May, 2008 01:10  

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