Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Socio-Political Bloggers in Cuba

Socio-political bloggers are found everywhere including the nation of Cuba, located in the Central America region.

Cuban socio-political bloggers do face problems with their goverment, just like in Malaysia.

Can we compare Malaysia with Cuba as they are still a communist country?

Besides that, t's not easy to access the internet in Cuba for a chance to blog. Individuals are not permitted to have an personal internet account. Corporate users don't have fast internet access. Who were allowed internet access then? Only foreigners and some government employees and academics are allowed where their account are being monitored by the government.

It's not surprising with such restriction where common folks in Cuba had their first taste of buying or using mobile phones (or cell phones or handphones) during end March 2008. That's really shocking in this era of high technology.

The famous socio-political blogger in Cuba is 32 years old, Yoani Sanchez, who blogs under Generation Y. In order to blog, she had to dress as a tourist to enter a hotel compound which has wi-fi internet access. That too, she has to pay around US$6.00 an hour.

This doesn't stop another Cuban blogger by the name of Eva Hernandez who blogs under Sin Evasion.

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Blogger Falcon said...

consider we are lucky also coz we have no restriction with regard to internet usage and blogging unless you talk about Najib lol...

29 May, 2008 02:47  
Blogger acura said...

Blogging there is just plain dangerous. You are risking your life just to publish your views online. Really brave people!

30 May, 2008 12:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

falcon - the govt can start restricting if it regards itself being a communist country like those restrictions being practised in china, cuba, vietnam and to a large extent in burma. if that's the case, we are just moving backwards instead

acura - indeed a big challenge to blog while in disguise

30 May, 2008 15:07  
Anonymous 3POINT8 said...

There are still communist country around??
oookkk..... This is fresh news to me

03 June, 2008 23:17  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

u didnt know that there are still a few communist countries that exist in this world?

09 June, 2008 23:40  

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