Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Roadside Dinner in Khartoum

Before showing the pictures on the dinner at roadside, we shall go through an English class - which word was spelled (this word was amended as a commenter Gary K caught me spelling "spelled" as "spelt") incorrectly?

This is where we had our dinner last night, roadside though but it was packed .... really packed by the locals. We were the only foreigners there.

What to order at such food outlet? For a start, they have deep fried goat's head.

They have lots of wadir that is being fried at the same time in the square cooking utensil.

We didn't order the goat's head although there was a challenge thrown to a colleague.

We played safe with chicken and goat's meat.

They do provide simple vegetables with their local vegie, few slices of tomatoes, onions and half slices of lime.

The plate below the vegies was the deep fried goat's meat. Found it untasty as I could feel either the charcoal smell or the overburnt taste. Failed!

Sudanese don't favour rice like what Far East Asians do. Instead bread is their staple food. Given a long long bread for you to eat together with those dishes. You could either dip into the goat's soup or pick up a deep fried goat's meat with the bread.

Our deep fried chicken. Too deep indeed. Slightly overfried. Taste - the marination was not done properly as the taste has not sipped into the meat.

While walking to our car upon finishing dinner, we saw this pick up truck delivering fresh bread. Tons of it ........ with the city full of dust everywhere and this is how they transport food.

Just don't think of cleanliness as your criteria before eating here ....... otherwise you'll end with nothing to eat.

Somehow my mobile didn't co-operate with me as I wanted to take the pictures so another colleague, Fairuz Abdullah, helped knowing it was for the blog space.
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Blogger coolcoolbird said...

What is "Mandi rice"?

01 April, 2009 18:31  
Blogger WanWan said...

wow.. i definitely miss RICE very much if i at there..

01 April, 2009 19:18  
Blogger TZ said...

Dude, r you in Sudan now ? You dare to eat food from the street.. errrrr... for me no food from the street @ Uganda :p

01 April, 2009 19:40  
Blogger foongpc said...

Which word is spelt wrongly? I didn't see any unless it's those words not in English.

02 April, 2009 00:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

coolcool - briyani rice actually

wanwan - i'm quite flexible. need to when u travel

tz - yeah dude. we did joke abt the diarrhoea part haha

foong - the first word on the top of the picture

02 April, 2009 03:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha..typo error. There's another that doesn't make sense. Lamb meat in bones?? Meat stuffed in bones?

02 April, 2009 12:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mei teng - that's still ok. what about "meat in plate" haha

02 April, 2009 21:13  
Anonymous Gary K. said...

Hello Johnny Ong! Just stumbled over your blogsite searching another topic.

So far, I can spot two incorrect spelling mistakes. The first is from the title in the menu. Coocking Meals? What is that? Shouldn't it be Cooking or Cooked Meals. The second error is provided by your post, Mr. Ong. "Spelt"? - that's some kind of ancient wheat grain isn't it? The "past tense" for spell is spelled.

Hope to pop by in the future. Your site looks very interesting.

Ontario, Canada

03 April, 2009 18:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

gary - thanks for pointing out my terrible spelling. how on earth did that word came out from my brain .........

i'll be registering for the basic english language course when i'm back in kl

03 April, 2009 19:19  

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