Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysia Need to Rush Space Flight

Malaysia's intention to send the second trained astronaut up to space may have to be rushed. Although the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Maximus Ongkili has mentioned that there isn't sufficient funds to go ahead with it, I think the Malaysian government may have dig from somewhere to accommodate it. Why?

Russian Federal Space Agency ("RFSA") that accommodated Malaysia's first astronaut on the Soyuz spacecraft on 10 Oct 2007 has announced that they won't be selling seats anymore from year 2010 onwards as the International Space Station ("ISS") won't be able to fit additional space tourist. Reason is because the ISS operators are increasing their crew members up to six personnel in year 2010.

RFSA has stated that they do sell seats for space tourist ........ hehehehe. And Malaysia bought one seat last year and thinking of buying the next one????? RFSA has mentioned that space tourists have paid up to US$40 million for a round trip to space. So, I'm not surprised that the Malaysian government has paid a hefty sum and then claimed that the nation has started a space programme.

Due to this reason, no wonder till today, NASA has never listed our sole astronaut as a real astronaut but just a Spaceflight Participant.

Reading: Russia plans to cease space tourism from 2010 - China Post

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