Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chinese Considered Black in Africa

Ethnic Chinese living in South Africa has been neglected for a number of years. They have been classified as whites all these years even during the apartheid period. Being classified as whites, they have lost their rights to qualify for business contracts and job promotions reserved for blacks and Indian origins. The government has changed a number of laws, especially the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment and the Employment Equity Acts, to eradicate the whites supremacy privileges.

This discrimination has ended when the South African High Court has re-classified the Chinese as blacks now. So they became Black Chinese South Africans???????? hehehehe

The court recognise the Chinese's contribution to the nation and by virtue of this re-classification, they are now part of South Africa origins.

In Malaysia, it's a totally different story. As of today, the ethnic Chinese and Indians are still considered immigrants and their privileges are different. There are fixed quotas for their various businesses and education. Government policy makers at times do call for the ethnic Chinese and Indians to return to their country of origin of their ancestors if they were not happy with the government's policies. See how nincompoop are those people who call for such actions.

Ethnic Chinese and Indians, for some, are already into the 10th generation living in Malaysia but government policy makers asked them to return back to country of origin ........ I really laughed out at these people, all the time.

What South Africa has done is really humane, logic and reasonable. Their decision to make this change is to see a pragmatic growth strategy that aims to realise the country's full economic potential. Malaysia?????

Reading: S Africa Chinese 'become black' - BBC News/Africa
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

I think Chinese can be found in every countries around the world. Most of them had a hardship life but eventually prevail. Something we should be proud of

26 June, 2008 17:25  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

yea.. but i think the black chinese thing in africa will never happen in Malaysia. however one can only hope that malaysians will change their mindset and achieve things through merit and not based on quota alone. plus, the perception of chinese as immigrants in Malaysia should have already been gone by now.

26 June, 2008 17:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... they consider black? so awkward right? hahaha anyway tq for the commment in my blog! :-) will link @ you!

26 June, 2008 18:45  
Blogger BernardC said...

Chinese ppl....they are everywhere. MALAYSIA has the most number of Chinese community outside the China-Taiwan-HK-Macao. There are abt 8.5 million chinese in Malaysia. South Africa only got how many? Yet they still recognize of everything.

In Malaysia, we are considered betrayal and "disrupting" their ultra-special-privileges.

"I dun need a privilege, I only need my rights!!"

26 June, 2008 21:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - there's a chinatown in every major city in the world

simon - let's hope/pray for the best for m'sia

lynne - yeah, hahahaha black chinese

bernardc - what rights? just follow and do ..... hehe

28 June, 2008 02:25  

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