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Predictions for Euro 2008

One of my colleagues said this "How come there are no predictions for this Euro 2008?". I did my predictions for the last World Cup 2006 while I was stucked in Sudan then. Have you been reading my blog all this while?

Here goes ............... after watching all the teams playing one match each:-
Group A - Normally the host country do stand a chance to progress to the next round but it won't be this time for the unfortunate Switzerland. Not ending up at the last place is already a good account for the team.

Turkey's qualification is not a fluke and the country has been performing well internationally since their superb World Cup 2002 third placing. That was history. Now, it's a different ball game.

My bet is on both Portugal and Czech Republic. Not because Portugal has two Man United players but Cristiano Ronaldo will make a difference in the team as he's on a stampede now. If Portugal is able to pull themselves together with this young and matured team, they will top the group. Last four within their range?

Meanwhile, Czech Republic will have to beat Turkey to grab the second spot. Losing Tomas Rosicky to injury and with Pavel Nedved, a good playmaker, not being selected this time will hamper their run in.

Group B - Austria, a team that last qualified for a major football tournament was way back in the World Cup 1982 held in Spain. That was my first World Cup on seen on TV. They are in this tournament owing to them being one of the host. So, mediocre teams still could play in a major tournament by hosting it ............ hehe

Poland's tall and well-built players will be a good advantage for them but they lacked top class players in their side.

Croatia, did well to disappoint many english football fans, will be a team to watch. They could be a tournament dark horse just like what Greece did in Euro 2004. They should grab the second spot in the group.

Germany, always strong with their team tacticals and strategies, will once again pose as a strong challenger to qualify for the finals. To top their group and advance all the way to the last four, possibly the finals.

Group C - Wow, on the night of selecting which four countries were to be placed in this group, I'm sure that the head coach would have suffered a heart attack. Even though the name of Romania may not ring a bell to many non-football fans, they are still packed with many good football players but alas their group is packed with three other better teams. Chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals is actually quite dim unless they produce shocking results.

France is in the midst of many adjustments with reliance on a number of veteran players. Veteran players' fitness are a doubt there. The younger batch of players do not seem to have enough big stage experience. I would say lacking the required punch.

Italy's defence is always their stronghold but losing Fabio Cannavaro, the team captain and main centreback, would hamper their football campaign here. Hopefully they get to drink the winner's champagne in the end but it's quite a big hope indeed. Qualifying as a second placed team is a bonus with France giving a strong challenge.

Netherlands or still being referred to as Holland, always a favourite in whichever major tournament owing to the superstars in their ranks. Sadly, after witnessing the trio of van Basten, Gullit and Rikjaard dominating Euro 1988, we have not seen another Holland team of such calibre. Somehow, this team could change the scenario with an equally strong players in all positions. Last four candidate too?

Group D - What's the chances of the defending champions in this tournament? As Greece has been placed in this group, I would rate their chances being nil. Haven't been impressive in their qualifying rounds. I could see many veteran players still in the team and they are not young anymore. Their role could just be the spoiler in this group, causing one of the other three teams to miss the quarter-finals.

Sweden has to rely on the old Henrik Larsson again? Knew that he did quite well in his brief spell with Man United but this is a tournament where you need to be at your peak. Most of their players are overseas based and heavy football seasons may cause fatigue on their older in age players, thus under-perform.

I do not know why I had a feeling that Russia could still qualify after being thumped by Spain. They just have the right kind of players, young and hungry for football success. Having a Russian team that had just won the UEFA Cup last month does provide a positive boost for Russian football. One of those days that their team is being rated on the high side.

No doubt that Spain will qualify from this group unless they commit suicide on their own. In all the previous major tournaments, I have always ranked them highly. Reason was because in each of the tournament, their team was always packed with superb players. Same goes with this team. Who would dare to turn their eyes away from a strikeforce comprising Fernando Torres, David Villa with Fabregas, Xavi and Iniesta giving full support just right behind the duo. Definitely a last four candidate.

So much for my predictions.
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like my earlier prediction of Russian been the winner will never come true. But anything still can happen. The ball is round after all.

12 June, 2008 09:55  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Portugal, Germany, France, and Spain are my picks :-)

I don't think Turkey can pull it together... And France will get it together (I hope heheh)

12 June, 2008 12:36  
Blogger acura said...

I am betting on Spain or Holland to lift the trophy bcz they play some nice attacking football. Sorry Greece you won't get to repeat what happen 4 years ago

12 June, 2008 14:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my sexy italy!!!


i so sad they lost

12 June, 2008 23:53  
Blogger ZACH said...

Germany for Euro08 champ

13 June, 2008 00:04  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - russia is still in with 2 more games to go

conviv - wow, no holland????

acura - totally agree with yr comments

blowfly - hahahaha ... next is up against holland

zach - we'll see abt yr prediction. u got the bomoh's recommendation d?

13 June, 2008 19:21  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

France still has one chance!!

It's looking like Netherlands and Portugal this year though...

15 June, 2008 12:13  
Blogger C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

Im going for Netherlands though.. hehe.. Go Netherlands... Im looking forward for the Italy vs France.. dunno who's gonna win...

15 June, 2008 20:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

conviv - yeah its holland for me too. they are awesome thus far.

clichegal - lots of holland supporters around

15 June, 2008 23:59  

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