Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Process in Obtaining Rebates for Car Owners

In order to get the rebates in view of the recent increase in fuel prices, car owners have to go to the post offices to fill up a form. I repeat - CAR OWNERS themselves!

I have been getting my general insurance agent to renew my car insurance / road tax all these years and now I have to do it myself for the road tax otherwise I can't get my rebate. Isn't this step causing lots of inconvenience for all the citizens.

Wasted time driving to the nearest post office, look for a car park, take a number and wait for your turn in the post office, processing of road tax, drive back to home. Ain't this a terrible inconvenience.

According to the guidelines provided, the post office personnel will have to check on your eligibility in applying for the rebate. Thereafter, a thumbprint is required on the said document. Will wait and see whether cash is paid on the spot or postal orders will be given as mentioned earlier.

In Step 5 of the process, the post office personnel is to verify the thumbprint. How are they to verify that I'm the right owner for the car just with that thumbprint? Do they have a full set of database of thumprints for all car owners in Malaysia?

Please note that there is one BIG CATCH which has not been mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media. Those car owners who renewed their road tax for 6 months period WILL NOT get the rebate. You have to renew your road tax for a full year in order to qualify for the rebate.

This is another inconvenience created for the Malaysian citizens who may want to pay their road tax semi-annually in view of their respective financial situation. At the front end, the announcement of the rebates for all car owners seems to be a good offer by the government to offset against the hike in fuel price. But now, red tapes along the way are going to prevent many from getting their rebates.

I wonder who will we bump into at the post offices since all Tuns, Tan Sris, Datuks, Cabinet Ministers and billionaire tycoons will have to be present for the thumbprints.

Good luck to all car owners and if you have renewed your road tax from 14 June 2008 onwards, please enlighten us on the full process.

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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Blast those useless government. It would be more easier for them if they just send the cheque to the car owner, based on the registered address on it.

11 June, 2008 17:51  
Blogger ZACH said...

I think if you purchase your road tax through an agent, the Money Order rebate will be sent to the registered owner through mail at the address in the car document. Thats what I understand. Well, everyone is anxious to see what is going the happen.

I have to renew my road tax before 18th July 2008.

11 June, 2008 19:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are they adding so many red tapes to the rakyat to get the money ~_~ like so insincere.

thanks for the heads up on the 6 months road tax thingi. but thats so unfair.

i bet there will be chaos on the 14th june knowing the government servents, later they say... "due to so many confusion, we decided to scrap it... the subsidy will be revised again by cabinet"


11 June, 2008 20:08  
Blogger Shaxx said...

well, not that easy to give money away mahhh...

12 June, 2008 16:14  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - one thing, due to many red tapes again, one is fed-up to update their addresses with the relevant govt agencies

zach - we will wait and see on 14 june for the 1st fella to do it

blowfly - revised again? i'm not surprised with that move. they always say that revision is to make it better.

shaxx - well, they have announced to give it away

13 June, 2008 19:18  
Anonymous bleu said...

The government knows that perhaps only a portion of car owners will claim - since it's so difficult to do so. By the way, do you know whether Malaysian residents who are not Malaysian citizen or PR are eligible for this?

14 June, 2008 12:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bleu - really? if tat's true then it defeats the purpose again

14 June, 2008 20:37  

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