Friday, June 27, 2008

US$ Billion Dollar Home

The world will be seeing a gigantic house or maybe you call it a building or tower come year 2009 ....... whatever you think is right.

The building in question is called Antilla, the home of Mukesh Ambani, which stands 27 storeys. Does your home has a name for it? Crazy or what? It's not the headquarters of Reliance Industries Limited conglomerate of which Mukesh is the major substantial shareholder but purely his residence.

This home or house or building is located at Mumbai, India and will be ready for occupation in January 2009, if there's no delay. This building is designed by two renowned architectural firms, namely Perkins + Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates.

Uniqueness of this building, no two floors will have the same design.

He can afford it because he's the world's fifth richest fella. So, US$2 billion for this building is nothing at all.

His family comprising his wife and three children will live there. One person one floor? The mother have to call the children by phone to locate them ......... hehe

This is the lobby that comes with nine lifts. Mukesh intention is to use his home ...... I mean errrr the building to entertain his corporate clients and friends.

Wow, I seldom find Kuala Lumpur hotels with nine lifts and this is a house. How many people are expected to throng into this house ...... err building at one go?

This is the ballroom, with chandeliers covering the ceiling. Nothing is spared. This ballroom can fit hundreds of guests at one go. The kitchen is as big as the ballroom.

How can a home be without a home theather? He went one step further. He's putting in a full range cinema.

One of the levels - lap pool, jacuzzi, yoga room, dance studios, changing rooms for men and women, gyms and a solarium with a juice bar.

And when you expect soooooooooo many people to drop in to visit you, you need a large garage. Yeah, a garage that is 6 storeys on the first six levels of the building .......... I mean home.

The next I'm thinking of right now is - how many maids or staff is Mukesh going to employ to maintain this 'home'?

The maintenance cost could be as high as a full fledge hotel.

Really wish that I could enter this unique 'home' and see it for myself and get to be pampered as a VIP guest by the staff there. That's life!

But then, India has so many poor people on any given streets. Justifiable to have such a humonguous home for self pleasure?

Reading: Inside The World's First Billion-Dollar Home - Forbes
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Anonymous a@ron said...

Isn't this a wastage of money...?

27 June, 2008 18:21  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

This is one crazy way of throwing money around....

27 June, 2008 19:48  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

lol. so filthy rich. i wonder how many maids are needed to clean that place

28 June, 2008 00:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

aaron & jasmine - both of u have the same feeling as me

simon - bcuz it's filthy, probably lots of maids

28 June, 2008 02:15  
Blogger Buzzing J said...

Won't be visiting the building, err..., the home anytime soon.

No place to land my helicopter. :)

28 June, 2008 11:43  
Blogger Lena T said...

money certainly conquers all

29 June, 2008 15:37  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

buzzing - u sure or not

lena t - he has the right to spend his hard earned money

30 June, 2008 03:33  
Blogger 4udiary said...

Is this Real??

02 July, 2008 14:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

very real!

02 July, 2008 14:44  

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