Friday, June 13, 2008

Lifetime Beer Supply for a Goal

An Austrian brewery company, Ottakringer Brauerei AG ("OBAG") , in motivating and hoping that it will spur their beer drinking football players, has offered this - lifetime beer supply if you score a goal in the Euro 2008.

The Austrian players must salivating over this extraordinaire support provided by the brewery company. May have a problem though. Every single Austrian players could be rushing towards goal. Does an own goal count?

Ivica Vastic has gotten the supply now since he scored a last minute penalty against Poland last night. Fantastic mate! OBAG's Chief Executive, Sigi Menz, said that he will personally send the first year's supply to the respective players(s). One more game to go against Germany and who else will join Ivica Vastic.

Yeah, only one more as I don't expect them to advance from the group stage. Next time then.
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Blogger Buzzing J said...

If ever our national footballers are in a similarly major championship (like, in a million years :)), I wonder what incentive would be given for a goal ... a life time of durian?

13 June, 2008 17:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

they have to give away the national cars, plenty with not many buyers

durian - plenty of buyers incl me

13 June, 2008 19:23  

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