Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Barriers Between Children

Malaysia's multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion are really unique on this face of the earth owing to its three major races and various minority races. Young children growing up in school could have friends from various ethnic backgrounds. Lots to learn for children besides their school lessons.

The kids at school mix around with all kids without any barriers. In their pure and innocent minds, every single kid is their best friend. For instance as seen in the following video clip:-

The little boy by the name of Tan Hong Ming was asked the question of who is your girlfriend, Ummi Qazrina, but he was shy to answer as he thinks that she doesn't like him. When the little girl was asked the same question she responded that Tan Hong Ming was her boyfriend.

This commercial video clip was put up by Petronas, the Malaysian national oil company, in conjunction with the Malaysia's 50th Independence Year in 2007. The production tried to put up something related to "whose best friend is someone from another ethnic group".

The reaction shown by both kids caught the eyes of many judges in various advertising awards festivals throughout the world. The world has seen too many ethnic hatred or commotions and are fed up with it. When they saw such genuine friendship shown between two kids from two different ethnic background, the judges just have to reward this short video clip for its strong message. A message that many people thought has vanished into thin air.

The video clip has won the following accolades:-
* Cannes Lions Gold in the film category of the Cannes Lions 55th International Advertising Festival held in Cannes, France

* Gold awards for Best Television Commercial and Best Film Direction at the annual 29th Malaysian Advertising Awards (Kancil Awards Festival) held in Kuala Lumpur

* Top prize at the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival (Adfest 2008) held in Pattaya, Thailand

We can see that such kids have pure and innocent minds but along the way, their minds were corrupted while progressing in their studies up to the university level.

Corrupted in what ways?
That there are lines to be drawn when it comes to ethnic relationship. Politicians have played a terrible role in this area condemning Malaysia into having huge gaps between different ethnic backgrounds. Ethnic or racial or religious are often stirred up just for political purposes for their own selfish gains.

In one hand, a major state-owned company was trying to put things right for the nation but on the hand, the politicians are screwing the public. When will they learn that a peaceful nation will prosper and succeed in whatever they embark on.

Reading: What the Media Spikes thought of Tan Hong Ming - The Storyteller
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Blogger Simon Ho said...

this ad was amazing. another genius work from Yasmin Ahmad. if kids can become like that when they grow up, our country will be a much safer place

28 June, 2008 23:57  
Anonymous sollee said...

Since I work with children, most of the time I envy them for their humility,selflessness and the purity of their intentions...How I wish we adults follow them at times...

29 June, 2008 15:25  
Anonymous Dora said...

Oh I saw this video clip in many blogs. I personally don't really like it for the part that the very nature found in kids diminished. Don't like kids say adult things basically...but the purpose in promoting racial harmony is appreciated.

29 June, 2008 19:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - oh yes simon, agree with u totally

sollee - adults have lots to unlearn

dora - its not adult things at all. it was a nice way to see how kids react where adults have failed

30 June, 2008 03:32  

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