Monday, June 30, 2008

Sports Themed Party

After attending two parties with unique themes organised by Nuffnang, I'll be organising one too. Not for Nuffnang but for my church. In conjunction with the church's 20th anniversary, there will be a Sports theme dinner that will be held at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort at Bukit Jalil of course, on 21 Sept 2008.

We wanted to hold it in August 2008 but the venue was fully booked and some clashes with the church's calender too. The committee has been planning for this since early part of the year. Can't recall how many of us are in the committee ........ 20?

Nah, this time I don't need to blog with captivating captions in order to qualify for a ticket. But the issue here will be the same. What am I going to wear? I thought of going to the dinner in a scuba diving suit with the air tank. But it'll be too hot and heavy to walk around with that tank throughout the night.

All committee members are supposed to dress in referee or umpire's clothing. We have given notice that only one sport will not be allowed to be represented, the swimming category.....hehe.

We had started the tickets sales last Sunday and we planned for 50 tables. On that first Sunday, we have sold 27 tables. 23 tables to go. The cost per pax is RM50 now and all proceeds will go back to organising the dinner. We are putting up tremendous games (prizes for winners?) and door gifts (gotten a number of samples already). At this point of worldwide high inflation, RM50 is very reasonable.

There should be prizes for the best dressed guy and girl. Really want to see what sort of efforts will they put in.

I'm in charge of the games for that night with some crazy fellas in the team. Must have torturing and humiliating games for them ........... haha. And if any Nuffnangers are keen to attend, please let me know.

More on this sports theme dinner from time to time.

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Blogger Shad said...

oooh sounds interesting..can i come???? :D

30 June, 2008 06:23  
Anonymous cc said...

games for parties! Enjoy yourself!

p/s: Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Really appreciate it. :)

30 June, 2008 09:35  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

shad - with me around, it will be interesting

cc - def i will

01 July, 2008 14:49  

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