Monday, June 02, 2008

Ways to Ensure Your Car is Car Thief Proof

With high crime rate in Malaysia coupled with frequent cars being stolen, people have resorted to a higher degree of locking their cars.

So, besides having a steering lock, the car owner has put up with a padlock on the door. A thief may have to pick the lock in full view.

In this scenario, a saw (whether manual type or electrical type), it takes time to steal the car.

Car owners have to thank motorbike owners for inventing the way to lock the tyre to a pole.

This is quite easy to unlock. A car thief may just have a big cutter to cut the chain off.

hmmmm this van owner is not taking any chances at all.


Overdoing it. The time taken to lock the car must be a few minutes. What if it rains and you are forced to unlock the chains one by one. Not logical but considered a good car thief proof.

One look and it will turn a car thief away.
The mother of all locks!
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