Monday, June 09, 2008

Rebates for Car Owners

The Malaysian government has announced last week that a rebate would provided to ALL car owners when they renew their road tax from now onwards. I'm sure the majority of Malaysian car owners owned a car which is 2,000cc or below. For people like you, you will get to enjoy (maybe you won't enjoy it also) a rebate of RM625. How do you get the rebate?

From what I understood is that the moment you renew your road tax at the Road Transport Dept, you will receive a postal order equivalent to that amount. It will in at least eight pieces of postal orders to make up the RM625. Pos Malaysia has followed up on the rebates via postal orders in their website.

The best thing is that both the RTD website do not have any updates on the said rebate of RM625. My car is due for road tax renewal end of this month. Will see how it goes.
Malaysian folks, don't be so happy with that rebate. From the reading of a number of websites, the rebate of RM625 could only cover your normal usage of your car. The mathematician experts have worked out that if you do not exceed 35km per week, the rebate of RM625 should cover the impact of the fuel price.

Furthermore, the rebate of RM625 could be for a one year period only. This said rebate is only for this next one year and the following year's road tax is subject to the government approval again. Do read the fine print each time the government announces something big. The government expected everyone to receive an increment that will cover the increase in fuel price but they didn't consider the price increase on various that will increase due to the fuel price. See how myopic eyesight they have there!

Important thing is - tighten your belt, save up, be strict with your personal budget and be stingy on certain aspect of your life ....... hehe. Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy your life even though it's tough.

Just like what the Malaysian government has said - 'change your lifestyle'.
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Blogger elezend said...

They say they are implementing the RM 625 system because of our neighbor that always drive their car to Malaysia

Seriously, RM 625 won't make much changes because once the price of petrol increased, the cost of living too will increase

Stupid government >.>

09 June, 2008 18:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

many service or goods providers have already announced hefty increase in their prices few days after the increase of fuel price. the govt said they will take control of the situation, wondering which part are they controlling now.

09 June, 2008 23:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the news today, they had a poll. the poll question in gist is "whether abolishing the toll can lessen the burden of petrol price"

there is a 90% majority for 'yes'.

chances that the government will hear is '0%'

as i am currently working in a retailing line, i can see every few days the supplier increases prices. and currently chicken is on the rise, so is milk and dairy products.

however, our monthly income is not increasing.

going back to topic, i really wonder how long will the rebate money reach our hands.

they like to give stupid ideas. and if wanna count on PosLaju... forget it man. ~_~

10 June, 2008 00:05  
Blogger elezend said...

Oh noes!!! Sarawakians do not have TOLL HOW IS THAT GONNA LESSEN OUR FREAKING BURDEN?!!!!!

10 June, 2008 09:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

acura - the monthly income will be hard to come by as respective companies' expenses will be increasing too.

as for the rebate, i wld say that we will the procedures when the first person gets the rebate on this coming saturday

elezend - no toll? in that case u don't need the rebate ..... hehe

10 June, 2008 10:28  
Blogger _s.u.e.r.i.e said...

i also wonderin why the rebate thingy will be ended on march 2009 and not being given continuously.

10 June, 2008 10:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

its to shut every car owners' mouth so that no protests would be heard since they are compensating u for the hike in fuel price

10 June, 2008 12:36  

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