Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sudanese Airplane Burst into Flame

A Sudan Airways plane (an Airbus A310 model) burst into flames upon landing at Khartoum airport. There were claims that it didn't crash land but somehow caught fire on its right wing which spread on.

When you look into the picture here, the plan was split into two already. A normal fire couldn't split a plane into two unless some big impact caused it, either it had crash landed or a major explosion.

From various websites, it was mentioned that only 28 persons have perished and another 66 missing out of a total of 217 passengers.

During my stay in Sudan for two years plus, only one small incident happened where the affected plane overshot the runway.

From the police chief's mouth, it was mentioned that due to bad weather caused by sandstorm, the plane crash landed. The bad weather mentioned by the police chief could be due to the visibility caused by a sandstorm hitting the capital city yesterday.

If you are wondering how bad a sandstorm is, on two occasions, colleagues of mine were quick enough to take some pictures here and here while we were running into our cars to escape the sandstorms.

During my stay there, a colleague related his travelling incident with the same airline. He boarded the airplane in Port Sudan and supposed to fly back to Khartoum, the capital city. Lots of people have boarded the plane but when it comes to the departure time, the airplane didn't move.

The pilot was not to be seen too. Something with the airplane that he dare not come? Later the passengers saw him boarding after a loooooooooooooooooooong wait. Found out that he went to see a football match involving the Sudan football national team. The football players were supposed to board the same flight back to Khartoum and the rest of the passengers have to wait for them to arrive. That's their kind of service.

Reading: Many killed in Sudan jet blaze - Al Jazeera

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