Sunday, June 01, 2008

Love N' Praise Concert

The Love N' Praise Concert was fantastic and it was real 'hot'. Got to take a picture with Juwita Suwito who came quite early for her sound test.
The concert kicked off with the Hallelujah Praise Dancers performing their dance with Nora Christopher leading the team.

Then the Opabolas siblings, the children of a Nigerian lecturer, performed two songs moving people's hearts.

You may be wondering where were the people pulling their ear lobes. Being punished by the pastor for their sins? LOL!

It was part of the dance exercise conducted by a group of dancers from Taiwan. One of them is even a granny and they led the concert attendees to a string of exercise that could improve our health system and at the same time moving at the rhythm of music.

People in the hall enjoyed this session very much.
Then the Nigerian brothers and sisters from the AID - Actualising Individual Destinies led the praise and worship session. Energetic as usual.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God's choir, with their Nigerian members performed their songs.

This group of singers from His Santuary of Glory ("HSG") was superb. We said that they were very professional with their performance and dressing. Even their English pronounciation was better than some Malaysians.

When HSG was belting out their songs, the crowd joined moving according to the music's rhythm. I let my hair down too. No need to put up a show to show how mature you are, just enjoy life.

The children from the Rainbow Home did participate too and one of their songs was very good in moral teaching. Even adults can learn from children provided they were opened.

Geoffrey Woo's songs did move our legs. Mine was tapping the floor following the tune.

His slow song was really comforting. If you play his songs during night time while relaxing, it will give you a soothing feeling.

These two singers belted their song while the remaining team members were involved in a mime drama.

They were from Kajang Assembly of God.
A meaningful pantomime accompanied by the meaningful song.

Juwita Suwito's performance was the last and some people came over to me to check on her schedule. They thought of leaving early after hearing her singing. Sorry, we kept her on the last performance of the night ................ hehehe

Nevertheless, it was worth the wait.
As people were leaving the hall at the conclusion, a combination between HSG and Kajang AG, sang the last song.

Thereafter, a group of us went over to Happy Garden for our dinner? or was it supper. It was about 10.45pm. By the time I reached home, was exhausted to blog about anything.

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