Thursday, November 08, 2007

All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Contest

In most places, people will try to choose the best blog or blog post but Washington Monthly has started something different. A list of nominees for the All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Contest is listed below. The nominees were nominated for the worst, most embarrassing, most risible wingnut blog posts, etc:-

* Ann Althouse: "Let's take a closer look at those breasts"

* Steven Den Beste (shortly before the Iraq war started): "It's the waiting that wears"
(Cut and paste the link to read the post:

* John Derbyshire (after the Virginia Tech shootings): "Where was the spirit of self-defense here?....It's not like this was Rambo, hosing the place down with automatic weapons"

* Ben Domenech: "Pachyderms in the Mist"

* Kim du Toit: "The Pussification of the Western Male"

* Pam "Atlas Shrugs" Geller: "My Sharia!"

* Jonah Goldberg (before Katrina): "Attn: Superdome Residents....grow gills...."

* Robert Hahn: "I will suggest that President Bush understands money better than any President we have ever had"

* Hugh Hewitt: "I'm sitting in the Empire State Building...."

* John Hinderaker: "It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius...."

* Michelle Malkin: "The Defeatocrats Cheer"

* Glenn Reynolds: "Maybe we should rise above the temptation to point out that claims of a 'quagmire' were wrong....Nah"

* Lee Siegel: "The Origins of Blogofascism"

* Bill Whittle (after Katrina): "Tribes"

And the Winners are listed here.
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