Sunday, November 04, 2007

Which Sex is the Better Driver?

In my journey from home to office and back I tend to bump into some terrible drivers who are either careless, couldn't be bothered type or those learner or lady drivers.

Sometimes, I would stereotyped lady drivers that they are the terrible ones when they couldn't decide where they wanted to go or when they decide to do it, they did it there and then without signalling or expected you to stop for them. When some of these events happened, I tend to think - "it must be a lady driver".

A lady friend of mine was more than happy to send the following photos:-1) Car park exit (for Tanglin Shopping Centre) from right hand side of the picture.
2) The exit is on the left of the picture where the black coloured was.
3) The driver of the white car turned right after leaving the car park.
The main thing my lady friend wanted to highlight in these photos - the driver was a MAN!
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