Sunday, November 18, 2007

Drama Practise with PA System

Three teams went ahead with PA system fully in place. Now, besides remembering their scripts they have to remember who is to take which microphones, that too, whether it's the clipped on wireless mike or the wireless handheld mike.

A bit chaotic this time .......... but full of laughter. At times, some just throw their voice without even holding the mike to their mouth (even though they were holding the mike). So, you can hear people jeering and teasing those individuals.

For the first time, the three teams's cast members got to watch the other teams's video clips and I tell you, it was truly laughing out loud as other team members couldn't believed those video shootings that had taken place. My Co-Director, Lud Lee, was at the floor ensuring the finer touch on the way they speak, act, express.

I was up at the balcony, controlling the video clips, seeing from a higher angle provides a better assessment of the drama, telling the two guys (Eugene and Joel, who are secondary students having their year end holidays now) in charge of Lightings to blend the lightings with respective scenes. At the same time, the two sound engineers (both Ben Ngh and Tan Kah Hooi not fully qualified guys in this field but truly experienced enough playing with our PA systems for the past number of years).

We got our Stage Manager, Albert Lee, writing down notes to see what sort of props were required and where should it be placed on the stage. And he shouted to me "We need to buy three laptops as there are office scenarios" .................. hahahaha. There goes my budget.

Our two make-up artists, Sabrina Seong and Shirley Woo, were scribbling some notes on their note pads. Maybe noting down what sort of make-ups to be applied on those actors/actresses. They'll be buying those make-up stuff too.

At the end, arranged with a few of them to plan for two more video shooting scenes, coming Sat 10am and 6pm at different places with different cast members. This are the last two video shootings ........................ my cinematography guy (yeah, we got this name for him after seeing him put the word cameraman only in the banners ........ not high class enough hehehehehe).

After this last two video shootings, I can sleep much better. This weekend onwards we have to concentrate on the stage designing, preparing for the Christmas decorations and the BIG steel bridge will be delivered on 27 Nov morning (have to take leave). All the five dramas' main theme is about The Bridge.

Watch for the banners which will be unveiled tomorrow.
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