Friday, November 30, 2007

Misleading Airlines Website

When I was reading an article entitled EU warns airlines over misleading website deals, the sale of air tickets locally are about the same too. It was stated that the European Union's Executive Commission has launched an investigation on a number of European airlines' websites on the following basis:-

* The ticket price is first shown without airport taxes and additional fees;
* Offers promising tickets for free or at a low price, but such tickets are unavailable to the consumer who wants to buy;
* Tick boxes for insurance or additional services are set to 'yes' by default, trapping the consumer into buying unwanted items; and
* General terms and conditions are not provided in the language version used by the consumer during booking procedure - or not available at all in any language.

Airlines that were implicated includes Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia and Spainair. Well, to such profit making entities, their earnings are more important than news of consumers being misled. With the rise of low cost carriers throughout the world, I guess this won't be the end of it, just the beginning.

I did highlight about a similar issue under Misleading Air Tickets Pricing but relating to Malaysia scenario.
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