Monday, November 12, 2007

Injured Left Hand

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, a guy was trying to open a gate in order to leave a building and upon the lifting of the left leg, this guy was already floating in the air.

Fast reaction prevented any unwanted facial injury as the hands reacted fast in blocking the fall. The left palm suffered laceration. The left elbow suffered acute pain causing worries in my heart - broken or fractured elbow? Oh no!

My friend who saw how I fell said I took off as if it was a 100m sprint but forgot to nail down my starting block (used for take-off by runners)...... hehe

Was sent to the Taman Desa Hospital by a friend in my car (became a passenger in my own car). Doctor on duty said "Come back tomorrow morning to see if there's any swelling. If there is, there could be a fracture. Since you could move your fingers/elbow, your elbow is not broken."

Morning came and left picture was a dressing done on Monday morning.

The doctor quite a number of twist on my elbow, some simple tests to determine whether there was any fracture.

"Any pain?" asked the doctor.

"As long as you are pressing against that particular part, I felt the pain, otherwise the movements didn't cause any pain." was my reply.

"In that case, your elbow is alright." said the lady doctor.

And the picture on the left was taken at 10pm Monday night. A swollen elbow.

Still ok????? See how again tomorrow morning. Felt tired on the left elbow region. That was the reason for quietness in my blog.
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Blogger sollee said...

oh..thank God it's not that take care of yourself sir..i'll pray for you..take care..

13 November, 2007 21:13  
Anonymous Gloria said...

Ouch! Sorry for your injury!

Hope you get better soon.

15 November, 2007 14:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

getting better now, elbow still slightly swollen though

17 November, 2007 23:25  

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