Friday, November 30, 2007

Malaysian Revival Song Competition 2007

The Malaysian Revival Song Competition 2007 ("MRSC 2007") is just round the corner. The finals will be held on 2 December 2007 at the Matrade Hall, Menara Matrade, Jalan Duta (street map available here). Be there to witness songwriters displaying their proficiencies in music.
Activities for that day at Matrade Hall will start from 3pm onwards. Star Maker, the organiser, has lined up the following programmes:-

- an open mic session, for stand up bands, comedians, singers or performances (15 mins each group). If you are interested, please be there early to book your slot, plug in and play. Simple!
- Food available at Traders Cafeteria.
- Buy your reflective items, claim free gifts and free passes.

- Workshops on "HOW TO RECORD A SONG DEMO" (recommending the most workable and affordable computer software and gadgets to produce a song demo as a finished product in CD)

- Workshop on "LYRIC & MUSIC" (helps to answer questions how to submit song entries for MRSC 2008)

- Health Talk - "What Should I Know To Avoid Kidney Failure" (conducted in Mandarin) by the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia.

- Health Talk - "What Leads to Confused Sexual Orientation?" is a session for parents, youth counsellors or anyone who wants to be informed of this topic.

- FREE food at the Traders Cafeteria at the Ground Floor.

You should be making your way into the Matrade Hall (3rd floor) because the Sibuk Sibuk Quiz will start on time (not joking) and this reality show has the easiest to win questions only if you dare to be interactive with the hosts. Prizes like iPOD, mini cooker, vouchers and Motorola mobile phone (rumor has it that it's a L6i worth RM600) are waited to be won. It's so easy that a 10 years old walked away with a hand phone last year.

The celebs and bands, judges will make their way from VIP holding room into the hall. Guess who are the celebs. William Lee and Yasmin Haran will be the emcees for the night.

Competition begins, get ready to shoot sms to vote.
* Erra Fazira, Vince Chong and Danny One (all songwriter singers) and BLISTER band from Bangkok (winner of MRSC 2006) will be there to sing their songs too.

Call now to 012 335 3511 for FREE passes (conditional and limited) or simply make a donation (anything above RM10) for admission tickets. Walk-in on that day is possible but get your tickets earlier is better. Email us, sms us, call us and we will arrange to give you instruction concerning payment and sending of tickets to you.

Transport wise, please click here for more info.
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