Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bad China Food in Malaysia

If you do like to eat food, please be wary of the following food products from China:-
1) honey (reason: drug residue) - more of this will make my muscles grow? enough time to build up for Beijing Olympics?
2) oyster sauce (reason: cancer-causing agent 3-MCPD); and
3) dried mushrooms (reason: pesticide residue)

The list doesn't stop there for China which has included frozen eel, seaweed, frozen royal red prawns, shitake mushrooms and salted turnip too.

Others as highlighted in the newspapers are as follows:-
* groundnut kernels from India (reason: cancer-causing agent aflatoxin)
* natural honey, kicap manis, prawn crackers and chilli sauce from Indonesia (on Ministry of Health's watch list)
* roasted seaweed from Singapore (reason: contain metal contaminants)

Just when you thought you were safe from China products as highlighted here and here, it has came upon the Malaysian shore. What went wrong with their quality control over there?

Good thing our Malaysian Health Ministry's Food Quality and Safety Division was on full alert and able to detect such anomalies and all the above stated China food would be cautiously tested before being given a clean bill.

But some of those tainted food products did make it past the Health Ministry's testing and are found in various supermarkets/convenience stores around Malaysia. Was our Health Ministry negligent in their work? They had even confirmed earlier that China food products were clean.
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Blogger sollee said...

we do have the same problems in the phils. as well...some unsafe chinese products are still being sold and they just change the products labels so that people will still buy them...i hope they realize that the health of their consumers comes first before anything else...

22 November, 2007 22:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

all in the name of profits?

24 November, 2007 01:37  

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