Sunday, November 04, 2007

Scouting Around for Video Shooting

In wrapping one of the dramas' video shootings, we were scounting around Taman Desa's pasar malam. A pasar malam is like a night market which is held weekly at a designated place in a particular residential area.

In this scene, we were trying to show the teenage girl's parents running all over the place looking for their girl who left home.

We were waiting for the right number of people to appear at the pasar malam and then show the parents on their toes, sticking their heads up, here and there, in the sea of people.

The mom (Susan) in black t-shirt and dad (Ritchie) first person on the right were just lingering around that spot while waiting for the crowd. Thank God yesterday night's weather was perfect.

While walking around, I saw this stall selling clothings and this big banner was hanging on the side of his van. A Liverpool banner!!!!!!!!!! Hello uncle, where's the Man Utd's banner??? I didn't ask about the price ..... if Man Utd's banner, I would have asked.

After the pasar malam scene, we went to a nearby food court. A continuance of the parents looking high and low. They ran towards a curry mee stall, whom the owner is known to the parents and enquired whether the stall owner has seen their daughter.

Yeah, I got the lady stall owner to be part of the drama. Later our cameraman and myself ordered 2 bowls of her curry mee (you call this a bribe or in support of her helpfulness?)

Guess this scene would make my church members baffled as to how did you get the food court people to participate. That's the fun part.
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