Sunday, November 04, 2007

New AIDS Drug by Merck & Co

After conducting certain drug testing through human beings in Africa, Merck & Co has finally won the Food and Drug Administration's ("FDA") approval on their AIDS drug called Isentress, an HIV suppressor.

It was mentioned that the first group of people to benefit from this medical breakthrough would be people who had went through Merck & Co's drug trials earlier. I hope Merck & Co would be responsible towards the African people as these are the people who won't be able to afford such expensive drugs.

The drug, Isentress, though considered a medical breakthrough will only be admired by many. The new drug will not come cheap at all. Merck & Co is trying to market the product at US$27 for a day's prescription or US$9,850 per year. Their intention is very good but it brings no meaning to those infected by AIDS especially the African people whose income level is way below the average. It's only catered for those who are able to afford it not the mass.

Reading: FDA approves important new AIDS drug Isentress - San Francisco Chronicle
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