Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rioting in France

BERSIH and HINDRAF's demonstration are so far peaceful and with proper objectives.

Really just hope that whatever rally or demonstration being called won't erupted to a free for all situation like what is happening in France now. Riots that begun at Paris has overflowed to Toulouse, a city at Southern France.

It has caused injuries to 80 police officer due to bullet wounds and the streams of flying objects such as stones, fireworks and petrol bombs. Wow, this is really crazy. Malaysia doesn't need this type of riots in order to deliver a message across to the gahmen.

Hopefully the gahmen listens well after the BERSIH and HINDRAF incidents. Act if need to but not to brush off their claims/requests. By quoting "Act", I was not referring to ISA detention or impose legal actions on participants but ask what was the root of it. Will the gahmen see this point?



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