Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beyond Control

This drama depicts a man who thought he knew everything and that people has to rely on him for his intelligence and wide knowledge.

In office, he will not tolerate imperfection.

At home, he can't understand family members' weaknesses.

What will make him realise that his actions were tooooooooo much?

Read this para:
A friend of mine who is a jet pilot once told me that whenever a jet goes out of control and begins to spin, the only thing to do is totally take your hands off the controls and the plane will right itself. This goes against our natural inclination to control and manipulate in order to bring things back under control. It is scary to be out of control. Or is it?
(The Dangers of Overcontrol by Os Hillman)

We were trying to finish the video shooting for this drama at a friend's home.
Just when we wanted to finish fast, the battery's life ended even faster. Good thing Kerk brought along his spare battery.
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Blogger Helen said...

When I first saw this, I thought you were filming for a local production. After reading your previous posts only I realized it's for the church.

Wow, I'm impressed. :-) Your church must be blessed with all the talents. It's not easy to make films.

PS: Thanks for dropping by my place.

21 November, 2007 18:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hopefully u can recipocrate by droppin by for the dramas

truly it has been magnificent with the talents found in the church

22 November, 2007 10:56  

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