Saturday, November 10, 2007

Peaceful Public Gathering (II)

Bersih, the organiser for Saturday's peaceful march to deliver a memorandum calling for a clean and fair election (which could materialise any time). It was heard that police will monitor cars coming from other states into the city early morning onwards, maybe stopping them from entering the city. Rumours are also heard that outstation participants will flock into the city by Friday night or wee hours of Saturday morning.

The organiser did mention that four alternative places be fixed as the gathering place if Dataran Merdeka was closed to the public by the police manning the area. The four alternative places are Sogo departmental store area, Masjid India area, Central Market and Masjid Negara.

The peaceful gathering will still commence at 3pm where participants will continue with a peaceful march towards the King's palace. The organiser was targetting the presence of 100,000 people in this rally. Wow..... if there were 100,000 people, both the traffic direction in front of the King's palace would be packed to the maximum.

Advise Kuala Lumpur folks not to go near that those areas being mentioned else they will be caught in the mother of all traffic jams. My view on this gathering - the general public are calling for a clean and fair election only. If the relevant authorities are worried that it might caused ruckus, please do arrest those troublemakers but leave the others alone. I hope that many international observers or international new agencies will be amongst the participants to witness the event as independent observers.

I would say this is not a protest but a request by all Malaysians of all races.

As for me, people may ask where were you since you wrote so much about this peaceful gathering. Well, I'll be tied down with my church drama practises tomorrow, with one of the practises beginning at 10am and followed by another one at 3pm. Later at 5pm, will be a dance practise followed by its drama practise for another team. I'll be like camping in church for the whole day. But I'll be praying for the event and participants.

Remember to wear YELLOW tomorrow wherever you are. If you can't join them, be with them in spirit or what people will usually say "Moral Support".
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