Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATM Users Be Cautious

Got this piece of news via the email and wondering who else were victims of such ATMs or was it just a piece of rumour or someone wanted to cause some problems at their former workplace.

I would like to share a real life story with all my friends and especially all my colleagues and all May****bank account holders.

This incident happened on today evening (1 April 2008). I went to the PJ State (also known as PJ New Town) May**** to withdraw RM500. Unfortunately for me, only 9 RM50 notes came out instead of 10.

What happened was, one of the RM50 notes was folded exactly in half and placed at a corner of the stack (please refer to the attached pictures showing how two RM50 notes can be counted as three).

I was so upset because I have no proof that the ATM did not give me the correct amount. After much hesitation, I finally decided to call May**** to complain about the incident knowing that I may not get back my money. But at least I can caution them of such incident. When I told of my situation to the May**** Customer Service Representative, to my surprise, I was informed that I'm not the first victim. It seems that similar cases have occurred before.

The lady explained that it is the malfunction of the ATM and the money may accidentally get folded in half. However when questioned, she was unable to explain to me why the money can be folded exactly in half and placed nicely in the corner of the stack.

I believe this is the new technique of cheating money, done by the people who are responsible of placing the money into the ATMs. In the stack of money which is to be placed into the ATM, one RM50 note is folded nicely in half, for every one note taken out of the stack of money. The folded RM50 notes are then placed at the edge of the stack and positioned in the ATM where the money would be counted. With that done, every one folded note would be counted by the machine as two notes.

I may be wrong about how and why it happened, but I would like to warn everyone about this incident. Please be careful when withdrawing money from the ATM (it may happen to other banks as well) and do count your money to be sure. If such an incident really happened to you (*touch wood*), please do call up the bank to complain about this. If everyone keeps quiet about this, the bank may be unaware of such incidents and the people responsible may just continue doing what they do without getting caught! Even if it is actually because of the ATM malfunctioning, the bank should know about this and there is also a chance of you getting your money back.

Personally, I do count the number of notes that I have withdrawn but will it do any good once the money has came out of the ATM. What recourse do I have? Show my money to the security camera stationed near the ATM as a proof?

Please note that this blog posting was not aimed to badmouth any particular bank but main reason was to highlight the issue behind such cash withdrawals that could happen at any ATMs.
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Blogger y e said...

usually people would blur out the verification code when the post images like these...lol

24 April, 2008 23:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ya ka? well i think it doesnt matter, right?

25 April, 2008 09:48  
Blogger Falcon said...

Thanks for the tip! but did the bank compensate that RM 50?

25 April, 2008 18:00  
Blogger Angie said...

... I've never count my money when withdrawing... guess I have to start now

25 April, 2008 20:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

not too sure on the compensation but i doubt so that the bank will do so. the atm machine wld be deemed to have dispensed the right amt of money. u still got chance if it happened during banking hrs and u cld still run into the bank counter.

what abt those stand alone atm located at shopping centres or petrol stations? guessed that u wld be at the losing end then even though u do the counting

26 April, 2008 00:36  

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