Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tourism Ministry Cancelled Tourism Plans???

With the appointment of a new minister, Malaysia's Tourism Ministry has terminated a number of Memorandums of Understanding signed between contractors and operators of tourism activities and the Tourism Ministry itself.

Reason given was these tourism activities would be held at states governed by the opposition camps. Due to this, the Tourism Ministry thought that the opposition state governments can't jive with the federal government's vision and plans.

Wow, sore losers showing their fangs!

The Tourism Ministry had terminated plans where they thought were wonderful then, those that could enhance the tourism industry in the nation and/or states. I was sure that they would have done proper studies before entering into those MOUs, then why did they cancel it right now?

Imagine this headline - Tourism Ministry terminated plans to promote tourism.

By terminating it, it reduces events planned for months and years to come and Malaysia was on the footing to draw more tourists to our nation. Moreover, the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 had been extended to 31 Aug this year. Somehow, all this nonsense seems to contradict each other. And the Tourism Ministry has wasted every single person's time who was involved in planning for those events earlier.

The ruling party which had placed their representatives into the government has still not learnt from the political tsunami in the recent general election and was still repeating their same style over the years.

Is the federal government inflicting more hardships on the state governments (those governed by the opposition parties) as the termination of such MOUs were done for events to be held in the five states only i.e. Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.

Instead, the Tourism Ministry has decided to deal with 'individuals' to implement future tourism activities in this five states under opposition camps. Who are these 'individuals'? Why 'individuals'?

So, what do you do with those staff employed just for those events? Sack them now? Keep them in cold storage? (not referring to the supermarket you numskull). Maybe from those MOUs, many more contracts have been signed to effect the planning, get sued for terminating those contracts? At whose costs? Taxpayers?

Why can't the federal government's ministries work with this five state governments?
Impression given was the federal government purposely did it to punish voters in this five states or those signed MOUs were not beneficial to that five state governments and have to be terminated to cover-up any discrepancies. I really don't know. Hopefully this nation will turn out well in months to come. The world's economy is heading downwards and yet our government is playing a fool.

This is your federal government!

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