Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cult Leader Has Better Plans for Himself

A cult group in Russia which has predicted the world to end in May 2008 has seen 14 of their members leaving the cave they created and are staying in a house owned by their cult leader under the watchful eyes of the relevant authorities.

Their pathetic cult leader, Pavel Kuznetsov, didn't even stay in the cave with his members and had been undergoing psychiatric treatment lately. Gone cuckoo?

Should be but then he was still smart enough not to stay in the cave which has no luxuries. He told the authorities that "God had different tasks for him".

Wherelse those members who left the cave as they were cut off from the rest of the group due to a cave-in told the authorities that the reason they left the cave was - "God had given them a signal to leave". The cave-in was the signal?? Hehehehe.....

Reading: Russia doomsday cult prays for sign to leave bunker - Reuters
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