Monday, April 07, 2008

Tackling Corruption in Malaysia

Our Malaysia government doesn't recognise the Corruption Perception Index ("CPI") issued by Transparency International because the index was bias, the datas used are not acceptable, the people doing such index don't live in Malaysia and unable to give a fair assessment / perception ....... blah blah blah.

But when you compare the CPI ranking with the per capita income, somehow it matches. Malaysia is ranked at no. 43 and the per capita income is estimated to be US$4,970 (RM16,000)in year 2005. It's year 2008 today and according to the government's statistical records, sadly to say, our per capita income is only around US$7,300 (RM23,500).

No wonder I can't get high increment as it has to match the per capita income.

I heard that with the Pakatan Rakyat (opposition alliance) taking over the state government of Penang, corruption has reduced. A malay property developer said that she has saved RM700,000 just on upon approval by the state authorities recently. Asked whether it was savings on fees or materials but actual fact was that she doesn't have to pay this or that person anymore. Even a gesture payment would be refused now. What a change!

As long as corruption is still widely accepted / practised, Malaysia will stay where they are now. And if you do participate by giving bribes to the police, don't blame them for the insecurity feeling that you are facing now because you were part of the problem.
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