Friday, April 25, 2008

Iran Breached UN Rules in Malaysia

Malaysia hosted the Defence Services Asia 2008 from 21 Apr to 24 Apr in Kuala Lumpur and Iran was one of the countries invited to participate. Countries will showcase their latest defence technologies, defence system, security products, missiles, arms and no trade would be conducted.

Iran came to this exhibition bringing their missiles, missile systems and equipment. They set everything up for the exhibition and welcomed dignitaries on the opening day on 21 Apr. Everything was fine until the USA and British exhibitors claimed that Iran's stuff has contravened UN Security Council resolutions 1747 and 1803.

Malaysia's Ministry of Defence, whom their Minister had officiated the opening ceremony, sounded the exhibition organiser who quickly did their work in closing Iran's booths comprising nine companies and got all their stuff out of the exhibition area.

The following questions have to be answered:-
a) If the military and defence equipment brought into Malaysia do contravene the UN Security Council resolutions, please tell me how was it brought out of Iran in the first place?

b) How come our port customs didn't check the papers properly to ensure whether such military and defence equipment were allowed to be imported into our country?

c) How come the Ministry of Defence didn't place any officials at the port customs, since knowing that such a big exhibition was to be held, to ensure that proper green light has been obtained for the importation of such military and defence equipment to be brought into Malaysia?

d) How come our Ministry of Defence's personnel who were at the exhibition place didn't realise that Iran's military and defence equipment were in contravention of UN Security Council resolutions until they were alerted by the USA and British exhibitors?

These military and defence equipment were too big to be hidden away and yet such a blunder. What more when genuine smugglers intend to sneak in illegal stuff into Malaysia. We are talking about military and defence equipment here and not just plain food.

Reading: Iran violated UN resolution - Star
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