Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Laud Mydin Stores for Their Protest

A Malaysian set-up company, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd, that has hypermarkets and emporiums nationwide in their trading business has started a protest note over the release of a film called Fitna by a Dutch MP, Geert Wilders of the Party for Freedom.

If you have not known, the Fitna movie was deemed a blasphemy against the Quran teachings by both radical and non-radical Muslim brotherhood. They have called for a worldwide boycott on Dutch products / services since the movie was done by a Dutch politician.

Mydin stores, in support of the boycott, didn't discard the Dutch products in their hypermarkets or emporiums but have labelled those particular products with red label or placed A4 size papers near those products informing the customers to steer clear of it. They left the deciding factor on the customers on whether to purchase those products or not.

Maybe every muslim cashier has been advised to stare sternly at any customer who placed such red-labelled product on the payment counter ......... hehehe.

But I want to laud Mydin for this move. Their way of putting the decision back to the consumers was excellent and doesn't draw any criticsm at all for denying the customers on their rights to buy whatever they want.

Perplexed to see a Dutch MP doing such a thing. Did give my 2 cents to another Indonesian muslim blogger who was upset by the movie. Told him that out of 6.5 billion in this world, surely there would be such people on this face of the earth. From young, I have always been taught to analyse on why things have happened or see what I could learn from such an event. There are many people of such kind and are we going to waste our time / efforts on such uncalled for situation. Might as well live our life to the fullest doing the things that would benefit human mankind.

I also urge our Malaysian government to follow Mydin's good example in allowing the two Israelis in Chelsea's payroll, namely Avram Grant and Tal Ben Haim, to be issued the special entry permit for Chelsea's forthcoming summer tour in Malaysia. Let Malaysians decide for themselves on whether they should go for the match or should they sit out of it having nothing to do with any Israel linked products / services / events.

I'm sure Malaysians are matured enough to decide on such things since they knew how to vote recently.

Malaysia is a civilised country. Such protest initiated by Mydin is definitely a good example to follow, peaceful but powerful indeed. Alternatively, if such protest is deemed insufficient, should Malaysians follow the Afghanistan Taliban's footsteps? The Talibans purposely inflict heavy attacks on Dutch armies in Afghanistan in retaliation for the release of the Fitna movie. The armies were innocent as they were there because their government sent them and they had no part in the making of the Fitna movie.

Reading: Mydin stores mark protest against anti-Islam film - Star
Reading: Afghan Taliban say attack Dutch over anti-Islam film - Reuters
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