Tuesday, April 22, 2008

French Has The Secret For Prolongation

Keen to live beyond 100 years old? If you do, the French people have the secret for such life prolongation thing.

So, I was wrong to mention that Malaysia has the most oldest people in one nation. Looks like France has as many as 20,115 people that are above 100 years old. My my ...... and in Britain itself, there are about 11,000 of them. What's their secret? Not that I'm aiming to have that age. But I do wonder how would I look like (not as handsome like now definitely) and what would be the condition of my bones / muscles by then?

I knew that personal lifestyle do make a difference. Personally, keeping my body fit is my main goal. My motivation was seeing a 80 year old man finishing the New York marathon within the 6 hours qualifying time for a certificate. That kept me on.

Many people that I came into contact with do tell me that they wanted to do this or that but would be exhausted by the time they reach home from work. They would just rather laze around the house or be a couch potato especially the weekends.

For me, it would be meeting friends, going to the gym, running around doing my chores, blogging till late night and able to watch middle of the night live football matches. That's life! My secret - just need to do simple exercise throughout the week.

But for the French, they did the following to 'preserve' their precious life:-
* diet rich in olive oil
* ability to "keep smiling"
* play boules
* and cycle
* serious lunch hour – a proper, sit-down, three- or four-course meal from an early age
* red wine
* poultry
* fish
* haricots of the typical French south-western diet
* sign of contentment
* eat better quality and more variety of food
* exercise

France has predicted a great great granny-boom.

Reading: Want to see your 100th birthday? Be like the French and drink red wine - The Independent
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Blogger ~YM~ said...

if we live too long, life has no meaning if the people around us are dead ayway. So we gotta promote lonegvity among frens as well, so you can have frens even when ur 100 years old. X'D

25 April, 2008 11:36  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

u got yr point there. but then if we knew our life's purpose we wld know why we exist past 100 even tho all our frens have left us.

25 April, 2008 12:05  

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