Thursday, April 10, 2008

Malaysian Made Cars Are Not That Bad

When you read about the Malaysian car being recalled for some repair in my blog entry for Proton Savvy, your mind may think that "aiyah, that's our national car, what do you expect? a Ferrari quality standard?

The following days after Proton Savvy has announced for a recall, two other foreign car manufacturers made a similar recall.

Volkswagen AG is recalling some 410,000 Passat sedans sold in the United States due to potential problems with heat shields and fuel line components - wow, fuel line????? The car could turn into a fireball out of a sudden.

Toyota Motor Corp will recall 539,500 Corolla and Matrix vehicles for the 2003 and 2004 model years due to potential power window problems. In case of any emergency and the door was stucked, they can't even escape through the windows. Just last Sept 2007, Toyota has to recall certain Toyota Lexus and Toyota Camry due to its floor mat which may not be attached properly.

General Motor Corp will recall 122,598 Pontiac Vibe hatchbacks, a joint production with Toyota, also due to power window issues.

Now after reading the above, Proton Savvy is ain't that bad after all as compared to the other three car manufactuers who had to recall hundreds of thousands. But the question is - was there a failure in the quality assurance part? It's so easy for these car manufacturers in just requesting for a recall as and when they found out about the defects.

What if the defects have caused human lifes to be taken away?
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Anonymous usws said...

Yay, now i can tembak all those anti-proton / anti-anything Malaysian people. This is so going to be emailed everywhere. BWAHAHAHA!

Don't worry, you'll be umm.. what's that word for it? Mentioned?


p.s. I'm proud of our country for having it's own car.

11 April, 2008 02:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

well, at least malaysia can stand up proudly with a national car in its stable

11 April, 2008 12:21  
Anonymous izzat said...

somehow malaysian still thinking that all those luxurious cars are damn great! thinks that all that don't have any problem.. but the real thing is, we're the same. the thing make different is, that car makers, Toyota, Merc, Volkswagen etc calling all their car owner privately without using media as a medium to spread out the thing. so as the result, the news only among their customers, not spread out to others. Have we ever see in newspapers or in tv, Volkswagen was calling back all their cars owner for inspection? i said none! But proton make it different. There are no such a thing of 'perfect car' with prob free. hehe.. nice post ^_^

14 April, 2008 00:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yeah true izzat. well, at least those more expensive cars can withstand longer

this statement still hold its truth - u get monkeys when u pay with peanuts

16 April, 2008 00:04  

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