Thursday, April 03, 2008

Google Buying Up Facebook

Wow, what a revelation! And you still do not know what Facebook is all about (nope, I don't get anything in return for asking this question)?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have got together to thrash the details to put the transaction through. Google is buying up 98.4% of the equities in Facebook at a consideration of US$25 billion (market value is only around US$15 billion).

Microsoft who bought 1.6% earlier is now out of contention in taking up Facebook. Meaning to say, Li Ka Shing, the Hong Kong billionaire, who bought into Facebook just last week would be selling too. Insider trading tip-off?

Facebook is highly regarded in the eyes of both Google and Microsoft. Microsoft would be baffled with this takeover that didn't come to their notice and I'm sure some top executives would be held accountable for missing out a good buy. Microsoft's plans are of no use anymore.

But I think that the person or persons that would sulk most in this transaction would be the Facebook staff. Reason is because, lots of Facebook's executives were Google's ex-staff. One big round to get out of Google and now they ended up being in the Google group of companies again. What a small small world indeed. When you resign and join a competitor, join a bigger one to avoid such things from happening to you. Too bad.

From this big transaction, Google is adopting the following:-

* New corporate mantra - 'Don't be evil'

* New motto - 'Google: Just because we can'

Interesting reading? FYI, all the above is just one of those April Fool's Day joke. When I read it in InfoWorld, I fell for it too. In my mind I was thinking that "Not bad, at least I have a blogspot account and a Facebook account much earlier. It seems that my view is of the same with Google top management."
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