Saturday, April 05, 2008

Robert Mugabe Has Business in Malaysia??

I came across this article in BBC News/Africa entitled "Zimbabwe bloggers react to delays" and towards the end of the article it mentioned the following paragraphs:-

This much criticised Zimbabwean President has HUGE business interests in Malaysia????????? Can the Malaysian government explain on this report? Or the Malaysian government will tell us this again - we don't know!

Hopefully I can dig more about this issue.

Reading: Mugabe on the run in Malaysia after Zimbabwe polls? - Shagadelica
Reading: Gift to Mugabe - DAP Malaysia
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Anonymous Jo said...

Johnny, I don't know if it is true or not. What you might like to know is that there was a lot of speculation a week ago. The position today (Friday evening) is that Mugabe is preparing to stand in a run-off, a second round, for re-election as President.

The other thing you may not be aware of is that some ten years ago, there was strong Malaysian interest in investing in Zimbabwe, particularly in privatized, strategic assets like hydro-electric power. I knew some of your diplomats whowere pleasant, engaging but frustrated fellows! Very few Zimbabweans know any Malaysians at all. Nor have many visited Malaysia. Nonetheless, because of that intense interest which was associated with the incumbent President, Malaysia is associated with frustration.

I believe you also donated wood or something like that for the building of a rather large opulent mansion which you can probably see on Google Earth.

I hope this helps!

05 April, 2008 04:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

thanks for the extra info

05 April, 2008 23:28  
Blogger Falcon said...

wow...never knew and expected that..good info!!

07 April, 2008 22:51  

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