Wednesday, April 09, 2008

KL Local Council Issued Corruption Challenge

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ("DBKL") (in english - Kuala Lumpur City Hall) has issued an ultimatum challenge to the public - "prove that DBKL is corrupted".

What a challenge indeed! Want to take it up?

It's so obvious already and yet wanted people to prove it. I could be sued for blogging this statement. But it's a fact out there. Proof? Evidence?

Just sit at the nearest mamak restaurant at my place and you could see it happening. Proof? Ask anyone, as long as one DBKL officer walks into the restaurant and sits at the last table, the person-in-charge of the restaurant would entertain that officer. Both would talk talk and talk. What transpired? Your guess is as good as mine. Nobody would be bothered by it as everybody's fed up with such thingy.

Hello, people asking for proof lah, why did you keep putting the words there and didn't post any proof. Oh yeah ...........

Being the life president of the kay poh chee club (busybody), I asked "Kena lagi?" (You had it again?). The person-in-charge would say "Biasa lah, bagi minum kopi semua ok" (Usual lah, just provide some coffee drinks, everything will be ok). Coffee drinks in this sense is undertable money.

Still not a proof yet, just hearsay. What more you want? Take pictures? You want me to die with their whole gang of City Hall officers sitting in the car / van just in front of the restaurant?

In the first place, the restaurant is at all fault for not following guidelines issued by DBKL, for instance arrangement of table/chairs at the pedestrian walkway, illegal extension, cleanliness, illegal signboards, licence not renewed, licences not fully displayed or displayed wrongly, didn't apply for certain licence, etc
(you just name it lah). How do I know? I asked lah, told you already that I'm the life president of the kay poh chee club.

Not only this mamak restaurant near my house but have seen it in other restaurants be it owned by indians, malays or chinese. No racial issues in DBKL, that's what I liked about them (pun intended of course). Just ask anyone who frequents open air food joints or low class restaurants.

Somemore want to issue a challenge to proof it? No pictures lah, no videos but if they were caught, the usual rhetoric would be - this is just a few black sheeps among the many white sheeps.

Yeah, maybe it was the same group of people that was going to all those food joints and caused people to have the mindset of "all of them are like that one lah".

Hmmmmmm what else to write ah ........... got plenty one but getting angry the more I blog about this ......... and they call themselves Malaysians, preying on helpless Malaysians or Malaysians who were willing to pay also lah ...... broke the rules and afraid that business might be closed down or assets being taken away, so no choice but to give 'offering'.

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Blogger Huei said...

hahaha so many faults so many faults! prove it? like u say lor..once we prove it..we might be detained under the I-Ass-A

09 April, 2008 17:20  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

so, kay poh chee is good enough d

09 April, 2008 17:46  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Mr Ong,

Please report to your local police station... we have a few, uhm, questions for you.


09 April, 2008 23:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

pls make an appointment with my secretary.

btw, imposing as a police carries a much heavier penalty than my blogging here ..... ahem!

10 April, 2008 08:51  
Blogger BTAM said...

running my biz with the local custom is no easy task...the head custom ask me to give him under table $ to reduce tax...of course i said no...then i read their yearly report and it was stated that their revenue decreased becos of smugglers...sigh,...

10 April, 2008 09:45  
Blogger Zooropa said...

Corruption is everywhere...I don't mind IF there's good job done BUT that's always the opposite!


10 April, 2008 10:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

btam: hahahaha decreased bcuz their own staff diverted the funds to somewhere else

zooropa: but the govt said corruption has been reduced

10 April, 2008 17:04  

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