Monday, April 14, 2008

Ministry Trip to Malacca

On Saturday morning, waited for a banker to drop by at my house to discuss further on a home loan. Yeah, they can make home calls now. Getting lots of good proposals despite the financial meltdown elsewhere in the world.

Thereafter, rushed to the foodcourt for lunch with friends before moving out to church to meet the rest for a trip to Malacca, a church ministry work. Left church around 2.25pm.

Drove the church van down, cruising at the speed of 80km/hr to 90km/hr. Can't push further otherwise everyone would have to get out to push the van later on, all the way to Malacca. An old van but still usable. Just need to know how to handle it. After the interchange to Bukit Mahkota, an accident occured between a pick-up truck and a car on the fast lane. Guessed the highway operators pulled both the vehicles to the emergency lanes for further investigations and to allow the traffic to move on. Was stucked there for about 30 minutes.

Later on, heavy downpour but not as bad till we can't see the road ahead. Could still move on smoothly.

We reached our Malacca church outreach close to 5pm. Our senior pastor who was there on Friday told us to grab our dinner before our performance later on.

Good thing there was a pasar malam (night market) just across the road from the church. Six cars (incl. mine) made our way to Malacca and we swarmed the pasar malam.
My Malacca church's main santuary.
At the end of the service, the church deacons, the pastor-in-charge and our senior pastor cut a cake to celebrate the church outreach's 12th anniversary.
Thereafter and as usual when we are down in Malacca, off to the Portuguese settlement for our supper? dinner? meal? Whatever. The moment I got down from my van where we parked the nearest to the stalls, we were swarmed by restaurant operators/staff.

Restaurant operator: "Sir, sir, come we have table ready for you"
Me: Oh, wait first. Need to ask my friends. (They went straight to my friends in the van)
Restaurant operator: "Sir, sir, come we have table ready for you"
Me: Not only them. We have five other cars. There! (pointing at the rest of the gang)

When I turned my head towards my other gang members, they were also swarmed by other restaurant operators/staff ................ just when I wanted to fend off this few of them.

We still need to stand around as one or two of our guys were still haggling over the price. Who can offer the lowest, there we will go.
They wanted to put us here which was near the restaurant that won the tender to serve us. That was restaurant no. 6, can't remember the name.
But we wanted that spot, nearer to the beach instead of near the car park area.
The only stall which was opened selling handicrafts.

Finished our meals around 12.30am and dreaded that meal as it would mean late arrival back in Kuala Lumpur. Well, the five cars zoomed off to Kuala Lumpur leaving my van behind. Light downpour halfway back. Dislike travelling in night time though no traffic. Looks like we were the only vehicle that kept to the speed limit. Almost every single car, lorry and bus overtook us.

We celebrated when we overtook a Kancil much much later on. yeahhhhhhhh, it was boring so we have to keep ourselves sane. Reached home at 3am.

On Sunday morning, I was struck with a terrible migraine and only woke up at 1pm. Totally knocked out. Missed church in the process. The migraine only went off just before I went for dinner. What a day.

My neighbour said that the migraine went off just nice for the coming Man United vs. Arsenal game later on. Blogged about this when I was watching the game actually. And Man United won yet again (Man United won 2-1). Four more games to go and the cheers of the English Premier League champion is getting nearer.
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Blogger joshuaongys said...

ahhh malacca and den church.... reminds me of.. erm hsulynn... duno you know her anot hehee

14 April, 2008 03:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

from praise city church too? if not, won't know her and wldn't mind getting to know her

14 April, 2008 03:45  

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