Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How Do You Stand as a Photographer?

How do you stand or get yourself into position when you need to take a photograph?

What was that guy aiming at?
As a blogger, I do take impromptu pictures. At times just need to pause to have that picture of the moment.

More stability?

Need to do so when taking a close-up.

This stand is not easy. Try it if you don't believe.

One more milimeter of squat will surely split his pants.

Shaolin Temple disciple?
This stand is quite normal. It could be me as well.
The photographer was more 'livelier' than the person who was posing for it. Was he posing in the first place?

This stand is not easy to duplicate.

More of balancing effect required?
Have yet to see a group of photographers doing this in public.
He found gold?

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Blogger sollee said...

OMG..look at the one with big tummy..he could only kneel..hehe..what an effort just to get a good shot..WOW..

02 April, 2008 21:11  
Blogger Dr. Annie Lim said...

lol. we have the same post. haha.i find your blog very interesting. specially the fact that you have a link to the michelin guide. mind if i link you up?

03 April, 2008 00:31  
Blogger bZbee said...

hey..i saw this a year ago...hehehe..but i think u've seen my pose too rite..LOL

03 April, 2008 06:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sollee: real photographers wld go all out to take their fav scene.

annie: u are most welcome to link up each other

bzbee: didnt see yr pose la ..hehe

03 April, 2008 08:54  
Blogger narymama said...

oh my god! lol. hi johnny, you know that dr annie lim is actually me. lol. i didnt know that my aunt didnt sign out of her blog acc. lol. sorry!

03 April, 2008 13:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hehehehehhehehehe ...... yr aunt may wonder who is this fella that have linked up with her .... LOL!

ok, will link u then .... hhahahaha cldn't stop laughing on that

03 April, 2008 13:56  
Anonymous 3POINT8 said...

Looks like some of them are doing taichi!

03 April, 2008 22:22  

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