Thursday, April 02, 2009

Authorities Giving Up On Taxi Drivers?

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board ("CVLB") is the government authority that issues taxi licences to companies who in turn rent out the taxis to the real taxi drivers who hold public service vehicle licences.

CVLB dare to say that they have ran out of ideas to counter what the taxi drivers have been doing all this while i.e. :-
* refused to pick up passengers
* overcharge passengers
* did not use meters
* did not display their driver cards
* not having driving licences
* not wearing seat belts
* driving recklessly

What has CVLB been doing all this while then? Just let it happen? If the operations to nab them were so frequent by those undercover CVLB officers, the taxi drivers would toe the line.

I would suggest that whichever company that the taxi drivers belong to has to be punished and fined as well. I'm sure by then those companies will also ensure that their taxi drivers will comply with all the requirements at all times. Right at this moment, the law is there but not enforced strictly or enforced whenever there are too many complaints found in the newspapers.

On one hand the Road Transport Department ("RTD") (from the same government ministry) has stated that they will issue show-cause letters to 612 rogue taxi drivers. When will they issue that sooooooo many number of letters? Nobody will know actually because they mentioned that ". It takes a while because there are more than 600 of them".

RTD said they expected "a majority of them to keep quiet". What does this mean? Will RTD keep quiet after that also?

Get the owners of the taxis to force their taxi drivers to comply then. If fail to do so, suspend all their taxis from operating in that particular company. I always wonder why no actions have been taken against those companies that operate such businesses ......... linked to the untouchables?

It's not that there are no solutions but as long as the relevant government authorities are not strict or serious in enforcing whatever laws that are there .............. everyone will continue to read more, hear more and see more of such shameful acts done by the taxi drivers.

This has been going on for years and years and years .... what is CVLB and RTD's KPI on such law enforcement on taxis? None? Show us ............ don't just mumble there.

Reading: Losing battle against cabbies - Star

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