Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long Walk in Dubai Airport

Arrived at Dubai around 12.15am on Tuesday early morning. Walked fast to the transfer desk to collect my ticket for the connecting flight to KL. Lots of flights came and thus, the long queues.

The long queue is not just at the transfer desk but at the security checkpoints before you are allowed into the departure area. Just have to have the right sense to pick the line that is moving faster than other lines. This time, I was correct.

Down at the departure area where they have big signboards to direct you to the right places in this big Dubai International Airport. My boarding gate back to KL is at 121, on the other side of the Terminal 1. Long long way to walk.

I never walk alone here as this airport has registered around 9.5m passengers just for the first quarter of the year.

Their duty free shopping area is just like a large departmental store located in the centre of the airport.

The Perfume section is where I get perfumes for my ownself. I bought myself a Davidoff Silver Shadow Private.
You can almost find anything in this duty free shopping area. You would see passengers queuing up at each payment counter.

Gate 121, Gate 121 ......... wow still long way to go and just look at the crowd. It's more like a departmental store than an airport.

Gold and Jewellery - gold stuff is much cheaper here compared to KL market. Forgotten the rate but I know it's cheaper.

Of course when you buy a big quantity, you'll see the difference.

They sell more watches here than any other departmental stores found in KL.

The middle eastern designed teapots? Aladdin's genie lamps? Lots of them and it's too big for me to bring one back.

The latest mobile phones and cameras are definitely found here. Prices for such gadgets are not cheap in Dubai. Advisable to buy it back home in KL.

This is the connecting section between Terminal 1 and the new Terminal 3 building.

This is the duty free shopping centre area for Terminal 1.

The crowd has certainly dwindled much as almost all flights would land in Terminal 3. Only certain flights will depart from Terminal 1, flights like mine.

Compared to the yesteryears when I took a picture in Sept 2006, the crowd here was madness as this place was very much smaller than the current huge Terminal 3 building.

Got into my 3.15am flight and managed to catch up with three movies by the time I reached KL, namely Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, Eagle Eye and Max Payne. Yeah, I'm quite far back.

Oh yes, I watched Transporter 3 during the flight from Khartoum to Dubai.



Blogger Ai Shiang said...

Even the airport sounds interesting. Hope to visit Dubai one day. I'm waiting for the train routes to complete just to avoid taking taxi all the time.

I hope you had an enjoyable trip home.

23 April, 2009 08:05  
Blogger TZ said...

Dude, enjoy your flight back to KL...Welcome back to Malaysia :) I'm still in Malaysia waiting to fly back to Uganda :(

23 April, 2009 10:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha have to exercise first before taking that long flight mah..welcome back to KL.

23 April, 2009 11:02  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Nice! You're back in Malaysia for good? :)

24 April, 2009 01:03  
Blogger foongpc said...

Such a huge airport! And long queues? I hate queues!

25 April, 2009 00:00  
Blogger amb3r1te said...

been quite awhile since u updated! hows life?

26 April, 2009 01:31  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ai shiang - get stucked in the traffic and u'll get to see the city in details hehe

tz - hehehehehehehe .... i know yr feeling cuz i'm flying back in mid may again :(

anon - who are u lah ... hehe

gorgeous - nah ... temp relief from sudan hehe

foong - u think i like it?

amb3r1te - been trying to recover from the diff time zone. life's great in kl of course. hope u are doing well with your overseas stay as well

26 April, 2009 02:12  
Blogger fufu said...

yeah been to the airport 4times...a very good airport...but full of arabian >.<

04 May, 2009 14:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

fufu - of course arabian, its in the middle of it haha

18 May, 2009 23:14  

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