Sunday, April 05, 2009

Things To Keep Us Sane in Sudan

Friends do ask "What do you guys do to keep yourself occupied after work?"

My colleague got another colleague (who came back to Sudan from Malaysia) to bring in this small helicopter.

Spot the heli in this picture.

This is the small heli being controlled in its flight.

Well, it did keep us occupied by learning how to control it.

And most importantly, it kept us sane.

On Friday, which is also our off day in Sudan, we went to one of our favourite restaurants called La Pergola.

This is a simple sandwich ordered by my colleague but being a small eater he couldn't finish it and brought it back for another colleague who was sleeping during our meal time.

Fairuz ordered glass noodle but was given meehoon instead. How disappointing that they don't even inform you that they have ran out of glass noodle. By right, he should be given a discount as glass noodle is more expensive.

Nazril ordered his all time favourite meal in La Pergola, the grill beef.

Their mashed potato is definitely my favourite.

Very nicely cooked indeed, medium rare. Soft and tender.

As for me, I thought having a light meal since it was already afternoon. How much damage can a Home Made Burger would cause?

To my surprise, it was this huge. Two giant burgers. One top half of the bread bun was definitely missing but nevertheless it was so feeling that all of us didn't come out for dinner.

Yummy indeed. One burger has an egg on top of it. The other burger has a large slice of cheese on it. No wonder my weight is gaining.
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Anonymous renaye said...

looks so yum!! can share any sudanese recipe with me?

05 April, 2009 20:23  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Love the burger

05 April, 2009 22:15  
Blogger nat said...

watcha doing in Sudan?
Helicopters and burgers... lol.. sounds like the kinda thing I come accross in Bangkok too.
btw, I'd just like to get to know more Malaysians living abroad

06 April, 2009 02:32  
Blogger T T Tan said...

seems like a nice living environment over there..coupled with good food :)

06 April, 2009 03:10  
Blogger kenneth ling said...

have both of u get pass the fly heli license...

07 April, 2009 13:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

renaye - google search for food called "homos" and "arabic foul"

borneo - it was really filling

nat - my company is bldg oil plant

tt tan - nice if got aircond, otherwise its not nice at all man. as for food, we hunt for it

kenneth - lousy battery. just when we get the hang of it, we have to recharge already. we are pracitising with this to obtain real licence hehe

10 April, 2009 00:47  

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