Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life @ 47 Degree Celcius

What is life at 47 degree celcius during noon time? Was going out for lunch and we noticed that our car's thermometer was showing us a reading of 47 degree celcius.

No wonder we could feel our skin burning as we walked out of our office to the car.

The car's air cond which was blowing at 18 degree celcius just couldn't make any difference. Only thing is that the car is not stuffy with the air cond switched on.

Once in a while, we do pamper ourselves by going to a better place for relaxation. This is one place that we like, Barista cafe. The drinks here are on the high end side. The menu is almost similar as those of Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

We were here last Tuesday night to watch the Man Utd vs. Porto Champions League match.

We were able to occupy a good corner of the cafe where we have a 32 inch LCD TV all to ourselves.

Unfortunately when the second half of the match began, the channel was changed and the Villareal vs. Arsenal was shown. We spoke to a waitress and she changed it and in the next few seconds, it was changed again. What happened here?

We waited patiently and got hold of another waitress who told us that they can't change as it was requested by customers ................ what???? We told her we were here first. She couldn't say anything.

We didn't go and see which customer requested for the change. All we know is that there were no other customers at the other end which has another TV screen when the match started and I did notice that these customers came during half time. They were local Sudanese people.

So, our match was changed and forced to watch another. A colleague picked up a book from the counter which was entitled "The City Trail Guide to Khartoum and the rest of Sudan".

In reading it, he showed us the fourth paragraph of a particular page .............. can you read it?

This is another spot for dining. It's not those high end restaurants but a local restaurant where tables are set by the roadside with lots of vehicles passing by which created mini sandstorm hehehe.
These are the three steel chimneys with smoke coming out from the top of the chimneys. I just took my bath before coming out for dinner and my colleagues decided to dine here. Forced to have a second shower after we have reached home later on.

What's behind those steel chimneys? This two guys were grilling chickens or goat meat away.

This restaurant is frequented by many locals or I can say we were the only foreigners.

This is what we have ordered. Five of us finished off everything at sight ............... grilled chicken, grilled goat's meat, goat's soup with a big piece of meat in it, long bread ........ except for one particular dish.

A colleague ordered this dish.

A fear factor dish.

It's the goat's head meat. I told my colleague that we can't proof to people that we have tried a goat's head meat with it being chopped into pieces.

Then I found this one piece that was still intact hehehe

The EAR!!!!

The ear was left alone but my colleague Peter brought every other remaining pieces, including the tongue that was chopped into pieces, back for his supper.

The ear was left alone.

Why was it named Monaliza Restaurant? We have no idea. The menu has that name and there are three Monaliza pictures put high up at their big signboard just by the roadside (seen in this picture).

That's life ......... and we are more active at night as heat would be down to 37 degree celcius by 7pm plus. Believe it or not!
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Blogger Ai Shiang said...

I can read almost all of them. Wow, why sound so threatening one? I guess life in Sudan is a difficult one, of course exclude you.

15 April, 2009 09:00  
Blogger fufu said...

wow..47"C... wish the silk road journey in june wont be that tough for me...

yeah agree with ai shiang, you must have lots of fun there in sudan!! wonder when can i go there...

15 April, 2009 17:44  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Quite a number of fear factor food there in Sudan

15 April, 2009 18:20  
Blogger Ai Shiang said...

Oh! I have to add. When I mentioned it sounds so threatening, I meant all those paragraphs except "This country is not cheap to live in" -> is this true?

Islamic country, being a female banyak susah isn't it? Have to go out also have to get "visa" from the spouse.

15 April, 2009 22:14  
Blogger WanWan said...

wow... cant imagine at that degree.. can i stand??

the food really open my eye lo..

15 April, 2009 22:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ai shiang - haha, exclude me? that's life here in sudan for the locals esp. its very expensive here and the price of goods is abt 3 to 4 times the price of m'sian goods

not to sure how susah are the females but normally the younger generation has more freedom

fufu - of all places, why come here. they have no programmes for tourists and u can't take pictures at many places. locals may also dislike pictures being taken

borneo - oh yes, just pray hard before u eat

wanwan - for first timer, u'll definitely suffer. my first ever trip was greeted with a fever haha

food wise, its challenging of course if we were to take local food

18 April, 2009 05:50  

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